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Motivational and Inspirational Articles by Vilis Ozols
Motivational and Inspirational articles by Vilis Ozols

Motivational and Inspirational Articles

The Only Goal You Can’t Accomplish

An article about personal motivation based upon Vilis Ozols’ experience as a Pro Beach Volleyball competitor. “ your face … the harder the better. That’s how we play the game!”

The Best Boss I Ever Had …

… an anecdotal perspective of ideal leadership traits.

The Journey

An emotional round-the-world journey creates a rift and a subsequent life lesson.

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Topic Specific Articles

Why Work Teams Don’t Work! With all the hype about business teams and corporate team building this article looks at the common failings of teams.

TQM and Team Training: It’s Not All Fun and Games!
(…But They Sure Make The Training More Effective!)
Some training tools and tips for making your team and quality training more fun, interactive and participative. Why Teams Don’t Work! A look at some of the causative factors of dysfunctional work team

The Paradox of Success
Why do businesses fail? Here’s one big reason!

What’s Your ROI (Return On Investment) for Your CSA (Colorado Speakers Association) Investment
These are some of the ways that you can make your association membership pay big dividends for you.

Entering The World Of Paid Speaking Via A Public Seminar Company.
This is a handout from a presentation that Vilis did for the National Speakers Association’ Western Workshop. If you are interested in more information on becoming a professional speaker click here.

Collections Articles by Vilis Ozols

Collections and Receivables Management Articles

A Guaranteed Formula for Getting New Collections Clients

How Do You Keep Your Employees? Reducing Your Agency’s Turnover Rate

The Fear Factor: Fear makes cowards of us all!

The Best Individual Skill for Increasing Collections!

The Ultimate Qualities of High Performance Collections Teams

Smart Hiring and Interviewing Means Increased Collections

The Power of Relationships in Collections

70 (Give or Take) Motivators, Incentives and Recognitions for Higher Collections Results!

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