Doing More With Less!

Motivational Time Management*

Going Beyond Traditional Time Management: A motivational and content-filled presentation that will earn you extra time in your day! A hands-on workshop for participants to be less stressed and more organized.

*Guaranteed to earn participants an extra hour per day!

1)      TOP TEN LIST OF “TIME WASTERS” – a statistical look at what are the issues that rob time from an average sales professional.  See how your day is being adversely impacted by these … and come up with an action plan to deal with them.

2)      THE MYTH OF THE 8 HOUR DAY: How you view your day, set up your appointments, schedule your calls and deal with crises situations will determine the type of day you will have.

3)      THE MOTIVATION BEHIND TIME MANAGEMENT: This remarkable module may change your life … as it has for many others.  How to take your business goals, quotas and projections and convert them into daily, weekly and monthly actions plans. Powerful and transforming.

4)      PRIORITIZATION GROUND RULES: This module shares effective prioritization methods that will help you attack the truly important issues for you to be successful in your working day.

5)      MAKING YOUR “TO DO” LISTS WORK FOR YOU:  Even with something as simple as a “to do” list there are guaranteed strategies that you can employ to be more effective.

6)      THE FOUR LAWS OF A PERSONAL ORGANIZATION SYSTEM:  Regardless of what your system is (note pad, post-it notes, Planner, organizer, cell phone, tablet or database management software), you will learn the four keys to have your system keep you organized.  Remember to make the important calls, do the follow-up, remember the important dates, times, phone numbers, directions, names addresses and numbers! (This section can include your database management system such as Google, Outlook, Prosper, etc.)

7)      THE PRODUCTIVE WORKSPACE:  When did you last see the top of your desk?  Strategies for organizing your work area, files and paperwork for maximum effectiveness.

8)      MANAGING INTERRUPTIONS:  Conventional and non-conventional strategies for dealing with one of your greatest time wasters, visitor and phone interruptions.

9)      OVERCOMING YOUR PROCRASTINATION HABITS:  We all have them! What do you put off until tomorrow?  Practical, easy to use, strategies to impact your procrastination tendencies

10)  MAKING MEETINGS EFFECTIVE:  What drives you nuts about your meetings? Here are great tips on making your meetings more effective and less painful for everyone.