NCAA Coach Vilis Ozols

Motivational Leadership is all about managing and motivating employees in today’s business environment. Ideal for beginners and veterans alike in a leadership role.

Managing and Motivating in Today’s Business Environment

This presentation is ideally suited to any gathering of your organization’s leaders, present or future. Your leaders will leave motivated and inspired with a new set of “real-world” tools that they will implement immediately. You’re guaranteed to see an immediate impact in your organization. Your group will leave motivated and wishing they had heard Vilis’ leadership messages years ago!

What’s in it for you:

Vilis gives an MBA perspective on the art and the science of managing, motivating, disciplining, and leading employees in today’s business environment.

You’ll learn how to break the trap of micro-managing people, the secret of effective discipline and how to truly “coach” your employees.

You’ll acquire skills to cultivate risk-taking in your staff, to motivate employees in today’s work environment, and to get buy-in on your management decisions.

This presentation is highly customized to the issues that your organization is experiencing. Through a comprehensive pre-program questionnaire and evaluation Vilis will customize this keynote to the business, meeting and conference goals of your organization.

This presentation has several working titlers based upon your needs:

  •      “Managing and Motivating in today’s ___________ (Business, Collections, Banking, <>) Environment”
  •      “The Manager As Coach”
  •      “Motivational Leadership”
  •      “Streetwise Leadership”