Building Your Culture of Success in Collegiate Athletics

This seminar series is designed for your NCAA athletics department. Learn from Vilis Ozols’ vast experience as a NCAA coach, professional athlete, business leadership consultant, and motivational speaker.

The program focuses on the unique needs of your student athletes, coaches, and athletics administrators. It is tailored to foster leadership skills, enhance performance, and promote personal and professional growth. It emphasizes tools to create shared vision, personal development, and the importance of nurturing a positive culture.

The content is customized in two key ways: First, it addresses the specific needs of your school’s athletic department. Second, it is tailored to your specific constituents: student athletes, coaches and administrators – each with their own customized curriculum.

Help your key leaders to achieve new heights of excellence and to build a lasting legacy of personal development in your athletics department.

For Student Athletes:

Strategies and content for becoming a better teammate, improving relationships with coaches, managing stress and juggling multiple priorities – all by way of a motivational presentation. This will aid student athletes in balancing athletics with academics and will fuel their mental health, instill confidence and rejuvenate their enthusiasm.

For Coaches:

Yes, coaches benefit from leadership training as much as athletes do. These sessions provide new concepts, tools and leadership techniques for positive coaching. They also will help your coaches connect better with student athletes. This is a shared training experience that will create unity, professional development and teambuilding among your coaching staff.

For Athletics Administrators:

Provide your athletics staff with leadership and supervisory skills training to best equip them to lead their functional area and supervise their staff. They will gain leadership strategies, supervisory skills, and people management tips and techniques – with a dose of motivation and inspiration. The program teaches vision, mission and teambuilding in a learning session packed with practical skills.

Flexible Formats:

  • General session (coaches, administrators and athletes together)
  • Team/sport specific sessions
  • Student Athlete Advisory Council (SAAC) specific program
  • Athletes
  • Administrators, support staff
  • Coaches
  • Any combination of the above