Vilis Ozols Motivational Speaker

The Only Goal You Can't Accomplish!

Motivational Keynote Presentation

This keynote presentation is ideal for an energy-generating, rousting opening to any meeting. ... Or as an inspirational finale that will leave you motivated and loaded up with tools to allow you to immediately work towards your professional calling and your personal legacy.

This program is highly customized to the issues that your organization is experiencing. Through a comprehensive pre-preprogram questionnaire and evaluation Vilis will customize this keynote to the business, meeting and conference goals of your organization.

  • What do athletes have that allows them to train and accomplish their goals? (The truth is that you have it too!) Vilis shares the secrets of pro athletes and their personal motivation techniques that you can use to win and excel.
  • Do you ever feel that making a change in your career or personal life would be too much like jumping off a cliff? Vilis shares stirring real-life metaphors for dealing with trepidation. entrenchment and fear of failure.
  • In this presentation, Vilis shares enlightening business experiences, lessons learned as a professional volleyball player and as an NCAA coach that will leave you with an experience and a message you will not soon forget.

About The Ozols Business Group

The Ozols Business Group is an international motivational speaking, leadership training and business consulting organization based in Niagara Falls, NY. Vilis Ozols provides speaking services to a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from U.S. Fortune 500 companies to associations conventions/conferences to small entrepreneurial businesses.

Vilis Ozols... Coach, Mentor, Motivator!

How do you motivate? Vilis Ozols gives real world techniques that he backs up with research. The best human motivator is a game plan for what's stressing you. And Vilis uses every skill in the book for his powerful message: a disarming sense of humor, an athlete’s intensity, a coach's zeal and the insight of a mentor! Guaranteed to influence and inspire you towards your peak of excellence!