The Four Evolutions of Excellence

Motivational Keynote Presentation

From the beach to the boardroom to the podium, the secret ingredient to success is your ability to evolve. In this inspirational and content filled keynote presentation, you will learn the four key evolutions to attain your next level of excellence. Vilis will share strategies and tools for dealing with adversity, negativity and continuously growing your passion and excellence.

  1. Evolve Through Adversity: Whether it is dealing with setback, negativity or overcoming adversity, Vilis shares remarkable lessons that every one of us can take and use in both our personal and our business challenges.
  2. Evolve Through Maximum Effort: You will get the perspective of an elite international and professional athlete as Vilis puts this evolution in the context of work and home.
  3. Evolve Beyond Ego: One of the true secrets to success is to evolve your efforts beyond your own egocentricity. Vilis shares the psychology of personal evolution and its impact on our everyday lives.
  4. Evolve Beyond Logic: In this counterintuitive lesson Vilis shares the secret to excellence based upon emotion, determination and perseverance

This presentation is an ideal opening or closing keynote for your convention, conference or meeting. It is a wonderful combination of stories, useable strategies, humor, business content, sports and business analogies.

"This presentation is inevitably described by attendees as “an emotional and intellectual experience!”

About The Ozols Business Group

The Ozols Business Group is an international motivational speaking, leadership training and business consulting organization based in Niagara Falls, NY. Vilis Ozols provides speaking services to a wide spectrum of organizations ranging from U.S. Fortune 500 companies to associations conventions/conferences to small entrepreneurial businesses.

Vilis Ozols... Coach, Mentor, Motivator!

How do you motivate? Vilis Ozols gives real world techniques that he backs up with research. The best human motivator is a game plan for what's stressing you. And Vilis uses every skill in the book for his powerful message: a disarming sense of humor, an athlete’s intensity, a coach's zeal and the insight of a mentor! Guaranteed to influence and inspire you towards your peak of excellence!